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Can smoking lead to impotency?

Q: (1) Can a man be impotent at the age of 20 and if yes will it be permanent or temporary? (2) I have heard that smoking results to impotency. I am 18 years old and I have been smoking regularly and heavily from past 4 years. Now, I have heard that there are 50% chances of a man becoming impotent, who smokes. Now please tell me that is this impotency permanent or temporary and whats the cure?(3) What are the symptoms of impotency? (4) Can I contact one of your experts personally?

A:Ans.1. Yes. Ans.2. Smoking contributes to impotence. Ans.3. Failure to get erection on sexual stimulation or maintaining the erection for long enough time. Ans.4. Please consult some qualified sex specialist personally.


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