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Can severe bleeding during delivery cause hypothyroidism?

Q: I am a 28 years old woman having postpartum subclinical hypothyroidism and my anti-TPO test is 3.2. I had severe bleeding during my delivery and I came to know that this can cause hypothyroidism. Is it true? Does the Thyronorm 25 mcg affect my chances of getting pregnant? What precautions should I take before conceiving?


  1. Your anti-TPO is negative, this suggest that no autoimmune process going on in your body. This suggests that you will not have a progressive disease.
  2. Severe bleeding following delivery can cause hypothyroidism but this is related to pituitary gland and in this condition TSH remains low. You definitely do not have this problem.
  3. Taking Thyronorm 25 will not affect your chances of getting pregnant. Just ensure that your TSH remains normal at the time of conceiving and during pregnancy.


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