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Can piles be the reason for dissatisfaction durin sex?

Q: My 35-year-old husband has piles and cannot go for more than one round of sex. He is taking some local medicines. Could that be the reason for his inability to satisfy me?

A:There is a lot of hype going around, about men's `second' round and `third' round and `umpteenth' round. The truth is that all men have a refractory period after ejaculation, and are unable to obtain a second erection immediately. Sometimes, this refractory period can last several hours, and in elderly men, even days. You have to have a realistic understanding about this. Read my book, Sex Is Not a Four-Letter Word, (Rupa, 2007). It gives a lot of information on this subject. Your husband has to learn how to make his first erection last longer. There are techniques for this. Piles are definitely not a cause. He also should learn a thing or two about clitoral stimulation. Teach him. He can try Viagra too. That will definitely improve his rigidity and give him the confidence to prolong his erection without ejaculation.


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