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Can my wife's sexual desire be increased with medicines?

Q: My 36 years old wife is a diabetic and takes Pioglar 15 mg daily. Her sexual desire has diminished a lot in recent times. Can I improve her sexual desire by some medicine?

A:Decreased libido or sexual desire is a common problem among women in who are around the menopause or after menopause but this can occur at any age. Decreased libido refers to a decrease in sexual appetite, drive, and fantasy. Libido is more psychosocial and behavioural and is impacted by a multitude of factors in daily life and relationships. This could be due to general health issue, psychological factors and medical illness and in your wife's case this could be related to Diabetes. Any gynaecologic issues can also affect desire. There is no straightforward treatment but some medication can be helpful but it’s very important to first discuss with your Doctor or Endocrinologist. There are some hormonal treatments like Estrogen, Prgesterone or Testosterone that can be helpful. You can discuss with you wife's Endocrinologist or Gynaecologist about this treatment option and in rare cases, Viagra can also be helpful in females as well but again discuss with your Doctor.


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