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Can my wife's latent TB become active?

Q: My 24 years old wife has been recently diagnosed with dormant or latent TB. She migrated from India last year. Doctors said her immunity is good and she won't need any medicines until her situation changes. What are the chances for the latent TB to become active? Will this affect our personal life? Will this pose problem in conception? Is TB a genetic disease? What diet should she follow to treat the disease? Can she consume mild alcoholic drinks during functions and parties?

A:Latent TB was probably diagnosed on the basis of Mantoux test / Quantiferon TB gold or another interferon gamma release assay (IGRA). The chances of latent TB becoming active depends on various factors and these variables cannot be accurately predicted or estimated. Some countries treat these cases not from the patient’s perspective but for public health reasons; however there are no universal guidelines. This should not affect your personal life in any way. This should not affect conception or pregnancy unless the fallopian tubes are involved. It is not hereditary. No special diet is required other than a nutritious well-balanced diet. Alcohol is not contra-indicated but is best avoided if she is thinking of conception.


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