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Can my wife get infected with cytomegalovirus and herpes from me?

Q: I am a 25 years old male with a sexual history, so before getting married I got tested for all sexually transmitted infections. I found out that I have some kind of herpes infection. As it was not a specific test, I am not sure whether I have HSV 1 or 2. The value of non- specific antibody test was IgG 4.3 and my last exposure was 4 months ago (with condom). I think I have HSV 1, as I confirmed with my mother about childhood fever blisters. I do not have any lesions and also I tested for cytomegalo virus IgG 1.2. Do my test reports signify anything dangerous? Would my wife and children also get infected from me?

A:Herpes simplex virus infection is a lifelong infection. Shedding of the virus takes place even through the intact mucosa of the genitals. However, this is much less than when there is an active lesion. Therefore, the probability of passing on the infection to the partner is also highest during the recurrent active phase. The severity of the symptoms the partner will have, depends upon his/her prior exposure to the virus. If the female gets infection for the first time during pregnancy, then there can be serious problems. The trimester of pregnancy when this occurs, is also an important determinant. Somewhat similar is the fate with cytomegalovirus infection.


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