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Can meningococcal meningitis be fatal in children?

Q: I would like to know if meningococcal meningitis is fatal among children? We lost our son six months ago due to a air borne infection which led to meningitis and septicaemia. It spread rapidly and we consulted a doctor at Breach Candy Hospital, however, we could not save the child. We are completely broken and shattered after the tragedy and were wondering if this infection is indeed so fatal and is it air borne and are we so helpless. My wife is a doctor herself and inspite of contacting Paediatricians well in time, this occurred. We had this child after 7 years of marriage through an IVF done at Jaslok Hospital. Is immunity of IVF children slightly lower? Please give us your feedback.

A:I am sorry to hear about the loss of your child. Unfortunately yes, meningo-coccal meningitis can be, and often is, fatal in children and adults. And this may be despite all adequate treatment. This infection is caused by a virulent bacteria which spreads rapidly throughout the body and often despite early diagnosis, the disease cannot be controlled.


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