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Can masturbation lead to weakness?

Q: I am 25 years old and have been masturbating for the past 10 years. After masturbation my head starts paining and this pain lasts for 5 days. I become physically very weak and cannot concentrate on anything be it my work, reading or even driving. My shoulder blades start paining and I cannot sleep sideways. The semen that comes out after masturbation is passed along with stool in the subsequent days. I experience pain in knee joints, hip joints after masturbation. My girth increases by half an inch after every time I masturbate and I also get temporary relief from constipation. My frequency of urination also increases. Please advise.

A:You (and other readers) please be informed that masturbation DOES NOT lead to any of the symptoms/ problems mentioned by you. It is an absolutely safe and risk free activity. The myths and misconceptions propagated by the so called sex specialists mislead a large number of persons like you and consequently, they start believing that masturbation is a wrongful and sinful act. This leads to a huge guilt feeling and affects the person psychologically. These manifest themselves in a variety of psycho-somatic symptoms. Please be relaxed and know the facts as mentioned above.


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