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Can infertility due to oligoasthenospermia and irregular periods be genetic?

Q: We have been married for the last 8 years and I have yet not conceived. My husband is suffering from oligoasthenospermia and I have irregular periods. We have been suggested ISCI but I heard that the child will suffer from the same sperm problem and also BSW syndrome. I am worried since I wish that my child should not go through what we have gone through. So we long for a child but not at the cost of problems later in his future. Please guide us?

A:In view of infertility and oligoasthenospermia, in-vitro assisted reproduction (which includes ICSI) is a useful alternative. The question of transmitting the defect to the child will arise if the defect in the husband is genetic. In some cases, but not in all, a defect in the Y chromosome may be responsible for it. It can be tested. Very often the reputed IVF clinics do perform this test before undertaking ICSI. Since it is a Y determined defect, it will occur only in male children. If the couple chooses to have a female child the IVF clinic can choose a female embryo for implantation. It would be advisable that the couple consults an IVF expert in one of the metros. If the cause of oligoasthenospermia is something else then it would have to be counselled differently. This step would arise after excluding the Y defect. I do not know about BSW syndrome. Unless I am told about its full form I will not be able to advise.


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