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Can I use a lubricant every time before sex?

Q: I am a 34 years old man who got married 6 months back. My wife is 27 years old. After our marriage we could not have sex for almost a month since penetration was painful for my wife. I tried to have sex using a lubricant and we had satisfying sex. From then on we are having a satisfying relationship but the only worry is that we are still using a lubricant (coconut oil) each time. I have tried to have sex with her without a lubricant but even after a lot of foreplay the pain is unbearable for her. Is it fine to use a lubricant every time we have sex? Do we need to consult the doctor?

A:If you both spend even longer period on foreplay, it is quite likely that your wife may have a better vaginal lubrication. Some women do have an excessive dryness of vagina. Your wife may be one such person. So far the coconut oil is not contaminated and is pure, it is OK to use it. A better alternative will be to use some water based lubricants (such as the KY Jelly) available in the market.


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