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Can I take testosterone tablets to gain muscles?

Q: I am a 29 years old having a thin structure. I want to increase my muscle mass. Can I take testosterone tablets? I have not tested my testosterone level but the doctor told me to take these tablets. I have read on the internet that testosterone is bad for health. Is it true? Which drug or supplement is good to increase muscles mass?

A:You have not said whether you are male or female, not that it matters, my advice would be the same: It is not advisable to take anything un-natural to enhance your body. There are no associations or regulating bodies that govern manufacturing specifications nor should any of these be taken without supervision. It is always best to do things in the natural way so that there are no negative repercussions. So to build muscle mass, take the advice of a trained fitness instructor and who could help you with a combination program of weight and flexibility training.


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