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Can I take lemon, if I have acidity?

Q: Is lemon banned for acidity patients? What should they take instead? What are the best solutions for getting relief from obesity for persons who do not walk much and do exercises due to problem in legs? What can one do to reduce uric acid?

A:You may not need to avoid lemon if you have acidity or heart burn problem. Different people have different responses to food. Some people even get acidity after consuming milk or sweet food. If you think you do not have problem from lemon you may be able to consume it. For people who are not able to exercise, the best way to control their weight is by watching their diet. Try to have a balanced and low calorie diet because your body is not consuming enough calories due to lack of activity which may result in weight gain. Avoid high purine and high protein foods to reduce uric acids. These foods include: Alcohol, peas, mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach, seafood, red meat, etc.


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