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Can I prevent future problems in Still's disease?

Q: I was diagnosed with Still's disease 2 years back, after a 1.5 months of suffering in hospitals. I felt the same symptoms, a few days back and consulted the doctor who diagnosed my disease. He suggested blood tests, sonography, x-ray just to make sure that everything was normal. I am not suffering from malaria, typhoid, etc. My reports were normal and the doctor subjected me to one of the medicines, I took 2 years ago after the diagnosis of my disease. Now I am feeling charged up again. How can I prevent these problems in future? I have to travel a lot due to official work, which leads to physical stress. Please suggest some home remedies or some dietary plan to take care of the future situation. Can I have non-vegetarian food and alcohol?

A:Still's disease can follow one of the following courses: 1. Monophasic: Once in life i.e. single episode 2. Polyphasic: Relapsing-remitting i.e. multiple episodes at varying intervals 3. Chronic: Persistent disease, usually progressive, with development of deformities of joints Your disease seems to fit the second category. It is unfortunately not possible to predict how many episodes a person is likely to suffer in life and when an episode is likely to occur! Under such circumstances, the best approach is to treat each episode effectively and then try to withdraw treatment, as and when appropriate. There is no home remedy for this condition.


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