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Can I plan a family if my husband is suffering from TB of the brain?

Q: My husband was operated for a tuberculoma in the brain. He had the lump for the past one year but the symptoms started showing only a month ago and we had to do surgery. Do I need to get myself checked for tuberculosis (TB)? I stay with him at home. Should I take some antibiotics to prevent myself from getting the infection? Can we continue having our normal marital relation? We were thinking planning a family. Do we have to wait for some time for conception?

A:Yes, you should get yourself and other family members checked for tuberculosis. This is especially important for this infection may, at times, produce no symptoms and it is best that it be detected and treated early. Your doctor will carry out tests and advise whether you need to take any medicine. As regards marital relations, these can continue provided your husband has no evidence of tuberculosis of the lungs or of the genital organs. Your doctor should be able to provide this information to you.


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