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Can I have sex with my back problem?

Q: I am 36 years old and have a severe lower back problem since 3 months. There is pain in my left leg but no numbness or other symptoms. Doctors have diagnosed this as a small protrusion of L5-S1 discs. After 45 days of rest, I am now feeling comfortable and there is no back pain. The doctors have advised me to do some exercises for the back. They also advised me not to bend too much and not to lift heavy weight. Can I have normal sexual intercourse with my partner at this stage? What posture do I need to adapt in order to avoid further problem and we do the woman on top position?

A:You may resume sexual intercourse without acrobatics. The woman on top position is good but is not suitable (acceptable) at all times. Back strengthening exercises are very important. Its going to be a cautious tightrope walk for you, but since sex is mans second strongest instinct after survival, I suspect that your front is going to win over your back! Have fun. Sex itself is good exercise for your back after a point.


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