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Can I have AIDS even if my partner ejaculates outside?

Q: I am currently in Tanzania but I have been studying in UAE. I happened to have sexual contact with my boyfriend. It happened twice, and both times he didn't use a condom but he discharged outside of me however once a third time we happened to have oral sex and I happened to swallow his cum. I am now very scared if I can get infected by HIV. Is it possible to get infected by HIV even if the guy discharges outside? And how about if we swallow the cum, is it possible to get infected by HIV? I am really worried because he had told me that he's had sexual relations with many girls before, and soon after that he broke up with me. I am planning to go for the HIV antibody test soon but I'm still worried because at the moment its only 4 months after the incident, and I think the window period is 6 months. Please help me out if you can. I am really worried. I had sexual relations with a boyfriend of mine before but we always used a condom however once the condom broke and after 6 months I had gone for an HIV test and it came negative. But this time I'm really scared because my boyfriend said he had sexual relations with many girls before. I'll really appreciate if you can help me out.

A:Just because the ejaculation occurs outside the body of the partner, it does not mean that there is no risk. Penetrative sex without a condom is risky because the pre-ejaculatory fluid that is excreted as a lubricant when the person is sexually excited can have the virus if the person is HIV infected. Oral sex, though less risky than vaginal or anal penetrative sex, still caries some risk, especially in the event of his discharging in the mouth. To some extent but not entirely this also depends upon the health of the gums. I can only conclude that you are definitely at risk and should get yourself tested immediately and again after six months from the exposure.


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