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Can I get rid of the red spot on my penis?

Q: I am a 37 years old male and have found a red spot on my penis but there is no pain and irritation on the affected area. The red spot appeared after 20-25 days when I returned from Bangkok. I had oral sex with an unknown girl who also gave me a massage. For few days, nothing was there on my penis. I have applied Lobate - GM but it hasn't helped much. How do I treat this red spot?

A:Red spots over the glans penis suggest that you have some kind of inflammation. In a broad sense, one can say you have balanitis. This could be due to fungus candida or due to irritants, etc. These can then get secondarily infected by bacteria. Mouth harbours various kinds of organisms and depending upon the hygiene of the person, some of these can be nasty. Besides, a person could have rinsed the mouth with medicines/chemicals, which are then transferred on to the glans (during oral sex with or without ejaculation) and then cause irritant balanitis. In some individuals, damage to the delicate skin can also be caused by the digestive enzymes present in the saliva. Therefore such activities can never be always free of unwanted eventualities. I suggest that you consult your Dermatologist.


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