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Can I get herpes from my girlfriend?

Q: I have developed a rash with reddish cracks or breaks in the skin where my genitals and my thighs meet. It occurred before as well and the doctor said that it was just folliculitis. I also had rashes on my penis. Should I be worried about an STD like herpes? I have been in a trusting relationship for a year now, and it doesn't happen frequently. I am afraid it might be herpes. However, there are no fluid like sores present. My girl friend had herpes infection about three years ago, the type that causes warts. I was wondering if she could still spread the virus, in spite of not seeing getting the symptoms in the past two years. I have read some contradicting stories about how one can clear the virus after having no symptoms for a year. Others say that the virus is for life.

A:If your partner had herpes genitalis about three years ago, she may still be passing the virus in the genital secretions, more so during the attack of herpes, which may not be visible on the exterior genitalia. If you had not used the condom consistently and regularly during sex, there is possibility of you contracting herpes. The problem of rashes in the groin area and genitalia could be herpes, but other possibilities like candidiasis, contact dermatitis etc. need to be ruled out through a clinical examination by a dermatologist.


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