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Can I gain weight due to autoimmune thyroiditis?

Q: I am a patient of subacute thyroiditis in hypothyroid state; I had a palpitation problem too where my pulse is always above 80 and at times had gone till 120. For the past 2 years I was not on medicine had started a dose of neomercazole one and a half years back but was discontinued after 15 days. Previously i.e. when the problem started I did take neomercazole for 6-9 months. At present I am 85 kg, have increased around 3 kgs of weight in a month and before that was 80 kgs. When the problem started 3 years back, I was 74 kgs. Now in these three years my weight has erratically gone from 69kgs to 85kgs. At times it has reduced a kg per day as well as gained a kg per day. What is this problem? Is there any medication apart from neomercazole(came to know that this is a hormone). I have also been told that this is a autoimmune deficiency. Though I am satisfied with my doctor, he doesn't prescribe me any medicines, and this problem keeps arising (thyroid / weight gain) almost every 6 months. What do you suggest me - should I go to some other form of medicines such as Ayurveda? I have tried Homoeopathy (took that for a year) and my endocrinologist knows that. Please suggest me how to reduce weight; also I am at times on fruit diet but still tend to increase weight. Now it has started costing my pocket as I need to change clothes every month (just joking) I hope you would suggest me some permanent therapy. Please do tell me also whether should I try Ayurveda as I have heard it does cure things. My doctor is MBBS, MD (Medicine), DM (Endocrinology); PGI Chandigarh. Whew.. that are a lot of degrees.. still the problem persists. I hope you would reply to me soon.

A:You have autoimmune thyroid disorder known as autoimmune thyroiditis. In this initially one has hyperthyroidism followed by hypothyroidism. Presently you are in mild hypothyroid state which is likely to persist and needs treatment. You should take thyronorm 25 microgram daily fasting and get your TSH after six weeks - if TSH is still high then increase thyronorm to 50 microgram. Also get your Anti-TPO test done to confirm the diagnosis. Regarding weight, in hypothyroid state there is mild increase in weight, which is usually due to water retention in body and goes away by the time TSH becomes normal. So your increasing weight cannot be contributed to thyroid illness. Apart from diet you should be doing regular exercises as well. I cannot comment on the efficacy of ayurvedic medicines. Occasional palpitations may be due to anxiety. I hope this answers your query.


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