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Can I drive my two wheeler after a disc prolapse?

Q: I was suffering from L4 L5 disc prolapse for the past 2 years. I recovered after undergoing EST and later ayurvedic treatment. I don't have any pain now. Can I start my old activities? I was told that I should not drive my 2 wheeler for a year. But it has been more than a year and a half now. Can I drive it now? I am wearing a lumbosacral (LS) belt, how long should I wear it? I am wearing MCR chappals too. How often should I change them? What is the possibility of recurrence? Do I need spinal exercises daily?

A:After a disc prolapse your spine can never be considered normal. However, once pain disappears you may be able to return to most of your activities. Anything that brings on the pain must be avoided. You could drive a two wheeler but do not drag a two wheeler when it is not running as that is very strenuous for the back. Also driving continuously for more than half an hour or 40 minutes is not recommended, make sure you are not on a bumpy road. In the early phases of driving you could use a lumbo-sacral belt but if you are able to do about 20 minutes of spinal extension exercises you could discard the belt. There is no need for you to wear an MCR chappal unless you have loss of sensations of your feet. Yes, once there is a disc prolapse there is always a possibility of recurrence. It is difficult to predict the exact percentage as that depends on the number of discs involved, severity of involvement and the level of post operative activity. Recurrence will present with low back pain radiating to the legs.


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