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Can I drink wine with food?

Q: I am a 27 years old man who goes to gym for body building with exercises. I want to know if I can drink wine with meals? When to drink - before meals or after meals? Is it good for health to take a cup thrice in a month? And, also I have heard that my face looks good if I drink, is it true? Which one is good, wine or beer? A 650 ml beer bottle contains 300-450 calories, can I get the same from wine?

A:At your age, you can drink, but you may not!! Wine with food is a practice in some cultures, some consider it good, some consider it bad. If you stay in a country where the weather remains cold, drinking wine may help you, but not if you stay in a warm country. To enjoy the taste of wine, you need to learn how to select good wines for yourself. You can learn more on the internet. For time of drinking, although most people drink before meals, but ideally you must drink during meals so that you can couple the drink with food and go on to taking lesser of it as you eat. Remember, the more you drink, the more you hurt your liver. If you drink - you or your face look good - this is most certainly not true. There is no glow added to you when you have drunk, but it is the feeling of well being that you may enjoy - adding the glow to your mind and thus your face. Wine in any way is better than beer, it definitely provides more calories than beer and has more beneficial effects like being anti-carcinogenic (helps prevent cancer). Please remember though, to take alcohol to an extent that you feel your body can tolerate. On the gym, more than going there and just doing it for the sake of it, you must be guided by a good instructor, areas in your body that need the workout more than others, ways of deriving long term benefits of gymming. Going to a gym and doing the right exercises in the right manner cannot do any harm to you at all.


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