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Can I conceive if having polycystic ovaries?

Q: I am a 28 years old married woman diagnosed with polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS). I am not having periods at all. My weight is 65 kg and height is 5.3 feet. Can I conceive?

A:The PCOS is treatable. First you need to confirm the diagnosis; if overweight - loose weight, start on Metformin to help weight reduction as well as have menses regularly. If needed, medication like cyclic progesterone to have periods may be given - depending on clinical picture. All treatment will need to be supervised and followed up regularly.

For pregnancy - egg forming drugs like Clomiphene or Letroz will have to be started, along with ultrasound scanning serially to detect the egg rupture time, so that coitus can take place at that time. Pregnancy can occur in over 80% cases, but there is a slightly higher risk of abortion, in which case, care and preventive measure like rest, no heavy work, no sex, and a progesterone support will be necessary.


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