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Can hypothyroidism cause problems in conceiving?

Q: My wife is 28 years old and we are having one son 4 years old. Since last one and half year wife is suffering from Hypothyroid. She is taking Eltroxin 2 tablets per day. Her present weight is 59 kgs, earlier it was 62 kgs. Another problem she is facing is the Psorisis since last 3 years. We are thinking of another issue. What are the possibilities of normalcy of the child?[regarding thyroid problems and skin problems] kindly suggest whether we should go for another issue or not?

A:Your wife is not suffering from hypothyroidism as long as she is taking her thyroxin regularly in the right doses. Most people do not need 2 tablets: I hope you get her T4 and TSH done every 6 months from a good lab, and that it is in the range. Of course you should have a second baby if you want one! A woman taking the correct dose of thyroxin is normal and should not expect to have any more problems in conceiving or carrying her pregnancy or of having a normal babythan those expected by other women. What your wife will have to be careful about is: 1. Getting her T4 and TSH checked regularly to make sure her dose is correct (not too much ie TSH too low, and not too little, ie TSH too high) when planning the pregnancy 2. Taking her tablets regularly 3. Once she gets pregnant, she will have to get the T4 and TSH checked every3 months, and get her dose adjusted accordingly. Many women need a higherdose during pregnancy, and to go back to the earlier dose after delivery. 4. Make sure she is taking her iron tablets (usually prescribed duringpregnancy) 8 hours away from the thyroxin, as iron interefees with thyroxinabsorption. 5. Make sure that the babys cord blood is tested for T4 and TSH: if it is not done in the cord blood itself, it should be done after 5 days of age, definitely by the first week.


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