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Can herpes simplex be transmitted sexually?

Q: My girlfriend had this 1 small blister on her lip yesterday which burst out by itself and by today healed or didn't look like any wound, well there was no pain nothing at all. It seems when she woke up she saw this small bump with no pus but only fluid. What could it be? I was checking on the internet and it said herpes simplex 1. We had oral sex and kissing today. I am freaked out if its herpes, would I contract and what are the chances of me getting either oral or genital herpes, just hope its not herpes and it also mentioned I could get genital from oral herpes. Please advise, if it is not herpes what could be the other possibility?

A:Having herpes simplex being transmitted onto the genitalia (due to oral sex) is quite common. Actually herpes simplex virus (HSV)is classified as HSV1 and HSV2 with the former mostly denoting virus affecting you above the waist and the latter involving areas below the waist i.e. sexually transmitted disease. As per your description your girlfriend could be having oral herpes simplex infection which can be detected by a blood test viz. IgG & IgM for HSV1 & HSV2 which though is not a very sensitive test but can point towards herpes if correlated clinically. Also ask your girlfriend if she gets these blisters around her lips repeatedly and also check if you get similar looking lesions on your penis.


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