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Can exercise be prove harmful for my relative?

Q: I have a 32-years-old relative who has been under treatment for depression. After taking Olanzapine for 6 months, she has recovered substantially and the psychiatrist asked her discontinue it. She is now on maintenance therapy and taking Cipralex. The doctor has asked her to discontinue this too after 2 months. She has been regularly taking a morning walk for 45 minutes and doing yoga and meditation for 30 minutes for the past 6 months. Recently one of our relatives told her that according to some US psychiatrist morning walk and exercise are not good. This has left her a little confused. Please tell us if morning walk and exercise can do her any harm? There are no symptoms of depression as of now.

A:Advice should always be understood for/and in the context that it is given. The preceding and subsequent dialogues to the advice may also be important to understand the context. Certain words and sentences if put in different places without the context can sometimes sound odd and leave individuals confused. Also the important thing is are we considering that this was a known fact, just an advice, or a part of a research. Was it that morning walk and exercise (what is implied by morning here?), is not good for individuals with acute depression/ psychosis/ anxiety/ fever/ other medical or surgical illnesses or not good for individuals whose symptoms are under control or is not good for individuals with other disorders. And what were the reasons offered. Was this advice provided to the individual in question or was it a general advice. I would suggest we need to be aware of the clarification of the above facts first before jumping to a conclusion.'One man's meat is another man's poison'.


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