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Can dogs contribute in worsening asthma?

Q: My daughter age 25 got married two months back. Before marriage she had a little problem in breathing/asthma once in a year or 2 years during May or June but then remained healthy for the whole year. She is not on any regular medicine. But just after her marriage this problem has become so severe that she had to be hospitalised for treatment. Now I want to know can a dog have any role in causing this problem because her in-laws have a dog at home? What are the other factors which are responsible for this? Kindly advise as this may cause problem in her married life. I will be really thankful to you for an early reply.

A:Numerous factors can worsen asthma, such as cold, house dust (especially from mites, cockroaches, perfumes or powders, cats, rodents and dogs), pollens, chemicals, viral infections, sinusitis, reflux indigestion, and so on. Sometimes it is difficult to find the major irritant, even with special tests. Moreover, it is often even more difficult to remove or avoid the provocative cause(s). Fortunately, correctly adjusted dosages of aerosol or inhaled powdered medications and the occasional use of oral drugs will usually control asthma without significant side effects. The secret of good treatment includes: (1) use medications regularly, even when feeling well (2) increase dosages early in an exacerbation (3) start to decrease regular medication dosing only after 6 months of freedom from an asthma attack. Getting a separation from the dog may help, but the above plan of therapy may be preferable.


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