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Can dieting affect pregnancy?

Q: My Problem is that I get tired often. I keep yawning even when I am not much tired. I would like to know the reason for this. I am overweight for my height and would like to diet. I am trying to conceive. But I read that dieting just before you conceive may have an adverse effect on the child. Is this true? My tummy has become too big because of my weight. (It was a little big even when I was slim) and I also feel a slight trace of pain in my lower abdomen always. I do not know whether all these symptoms are interconnected. Please comment about my symptoms and recommend whether I need to contact any specialist.

A:Tiredness is a very common complaint, with numerous posssible causes. However, a very common problem is the vicious circle caused by the tired person failing to exercise sufficiently: this leads to muscles becoming deconditioned, and then effort becomes more demanding, thus resulting in an increase in the feeling of tiredness. The initial step would be to increase exercise(e.g., walk fast for half an hour a day) and go on a stricter diet that limits carbohydrate intake, but favours an incresed fibre intake. This could also help the bowels and reduce abdominal discomfort. Dieting will not have an adverse effect on pregnancy, especially if added vitamins - including folic acid are taken regularly.


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