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Can cycling help to reduce weight?

Q: I am 38 yrs. old lady, 58 Kgs. and 151 cms height. I have a fitness cycle at home and cycle everyday about 45 mins i.e. 10 Kms @ 20 kms speed. Is there a good chance of losing weight by doing this daily? Is it helpful for tummy trimming also? Also please let me know if this duration of exercise is helpful for the knee? I need to still lose atleast 5 kgs.

A:Cycling is a good way to reduce your weight. You are doing it at a good speed, but it may help you better if you could increase the speed to 25 kms. Take care you set the seat height according to your height. When seated, your knee should be bent only slightly with the pedal at its lowest point. Use pedal clips to fix your feet firmly on pedals so that you can pull as well as push the pedals properly and avoid forward bending and minimise the strain on your back. Yes, cycling will definately help to increase the strength in your knee muscles and increase your stamina. Your timing of 30-40 minutes is a little more I feel. You should be doing it for 20-25 minutes and you will achieve your goal of reducing 5 kgs.


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