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Can convexity of the spine cause problems?

Q: I am a middle aged woman suffering from lordosis of the spine. Due to the S shape of the spine, I have not been able to sleep on my back as it hurts and causes cramps. Will this pose a problem as I grow older? Can I correct it by exercises and if so then which ones? Should I still try to sleep on my back or will it cause a problem between the gap of the vertebrae in later age?

A:Generally speaking, lordosis (forward convexity) of the spine, by itself, does not usually cause problems unless it is associated with displacement of one vertebra on another. Exercises will help you get rid of your symptoms. Your physiotherapist, in consultation with your doctor, will guide you on these. Pain is natures warning signal. If sleeping in a particular position causes pain, it might be better to avoid that position till exercises or other treatment has eliminated the pain.


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