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Can baldness be related to low level of testosterone?

Q: I am a 24 years old male suffering from baldness. This problem started some 3 years back and I consulted a skin specialist. After taking the medicine recommended by him, I felt some side effects due to which I consulted an endocrinologist and, as per tests recommended by him, my testosterone level was below the required range. After 3 months I again went for the testosterone level which was a little bit above the minimum and within the range. Now, I am again consulting a skin specialist for the baldness problem and he has recommended the medicine finestride and mintop forte besides some other shampoos and vitamin capsules. Can the baldness problem be related to low level of testosterone? If yes, then what is its treatment? I still do not feel much interested in having sex. Has my testosterone level have again fallen? What other tests should I get done and how long will the treatment take? Can I take finestride medicine for baldness problem?

A:I feel what you have is male patten of baldness i.e., baldness starting in the frontal region and receding back towards the centre of scalp. Now this is a normal physiology which has a genetic background and also depends upon the race. In some normal persons it happens very early. Let me clarify that it is testosterone dependent. In case some women high levels of testosterone then this type of baldness settles in them as well. In my opinion deficiency of testosterone is not a cause of baldness. Now coming to the issue of low testosterone levels I would suggest you to get free testosterone FTe levels done from a reliable lab along with LH and FSH and mail me the results along with the normal values. In case you have early morning erection, normal secondary sexual development i.e., penile length, testicular size, pubic hair and are masturbating/sexually active then I feel you do not have any deficiency of sex hormones. I am not aware of role of finestride in male type of baldness. Please get back to me with above information I hope to clarify rest of the issues.


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