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Can back pain cause bone tuberculosis?

Q: I am a 46 years old male suffering from bone tuberculosis, which was diagnosed last month. My ESR was 35 last months and now it is 18. I am having pain in the back for many years. Is tuberculosis due to the back pain or any other reason? Can I take any specific medicine? My height is 166 cm and weight is 64 kg. Please advise.

A:I am not sure how your diagnosis of bone TB was confirmed. Was it based on X-rays or MRIs or was it purely based on clinical evaluation? Long term backache by itself cannot lead to tuberculosis. Tuberculosis of bone is a very specific illness caused by spread of the infection from some other part of the body usually lungs. You will need to take specific antitubercular drugs and the most common regimen that recommended by WHO – Refampicin, INH, Ethambutol and Parazinamide for two months followed by Refampicin and INH for four months or as per your response. The dosage is calculated according to your weight.


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