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Can aromatase deficiency lead to height gain?

Q: I am 19 years old and 180 cm tall. I have heard that if your bone planes aren't fused and you want to increase your height, you hold strong possibilities if you have a aromatase inhibitor, which leads to less levels of estrogen in blood. This deficiency would cause abnormal bone lengthening. You would also have weaker bones, which could be solved by having 4-5 glasses of milk. Is this true? What is your opinion about this?

A:Yes, its true that estrogen is required for fusion of epiphysis. Persons who have aromatase deficiency will have low levels of estrogen and will grow tall but bones will be osteoporotic. Milk is good for bone health as it provides calcium. Vitamin D is also essential for absorption of calcium from gut. Twenty minutes sun exposure everyday is good enough to provide Vitamin D. You are already 180 cm tall so that should be good enough. Do you want to grow further? Really not required.


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