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Can anal fissure cause frequent urination?

Q: I am a 33 years old woman having urinary tract infection (UTI) for the last four months. Now I have developed the problem of frequent urination, continuous burning in the anus and constipated bowels but there is no bleeding. The doctor told me that I have fissures. Can a fissure cause frequent urination? During sleep at night I do not have this problem. It happens only during the daytime. The urine, which comes out is very hot. I was also admitted in the hospital for the treatment of UTI but all in vain. I did a urine routine in, which the pus cells were zero but the urine culture showed E. coli. This is confusing me and even the doctors are also surprised to see that pus cells are 0 to 1 but the urine culture shows E. coli. What could be the reason for frequent urination? Is it due to UTI or anal fissures? The doctor suggested to undergo endoscopy. But another doctor said that if the pus cells are so low then the urine culture is insignificant. I have 3 small kidney stones of 4 mm size too. Please advise.

A:Yes, if there is fissure it may explain your frequency hence it is worth getting it ruled out and treated appropriately.

In view of your complaints I would suspect you having urinary tract infection or urethral syndrome. Could you please consult a urologist and do not hesitate to get an endoscopy and urethral dilatation as they are routine procedures and may help you.

All I can see is that it does not appear to be a serious problem and you should be fine with the help of a well-trained urologist.


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