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Can all the family members take the BCG vaccination?

Q: My 40 years old mother was diagnosed with left ovarian tuberculosis (TB). She was hospitalised and the doctors prescribed AKT-4 (kit), Pentacid 40 mg, Benadin tabs and a 6 months strict course as to avoid resistant TB.

  1. Can BCG vaccine be taken by all the members in our family as a precaution?
  2. Can the patient be given BCG now, the medications have already been started?
  3. Please mention the name of the AKT-4 high quality medicine manufacturer in India to avoid taking low quality tabs as it will lead to complications?
  4. Is it completely curable? What will be the complications, if it becomes resistant TB? Is R-TB curable?
  5. I would like to know whether all the family members can get vaccinated against deadly diseases? I am sure we had polio drops when we were young but we were not vaccinated against diseases like Hepatitis, TB, etc. Is there any vaccination for these in adulthood?


  1. Your mother is suffering from ovarian TB, for which she is getting proper treatment, so there is no point for you to take BCG at this age.
  2. There is no role of BCG in treatment of your mother.
  3. Ranbaxy and Cipla both prepare AKT, you can go for any brand.
  4. If timely diagnosed and properly treated, then there is nothing to worry, the condition is fully curable.
  5. For TB, BCG is the vaccine, which most of Indians get at birth, just check for scar mark on your arms. For hepatitis B vaccines should be taken, so contact your local doctor.


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