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Can a single dose of vitamin D cure TB?

Q: I came across an article on the Internet that a single dose of vitamin D can cure tuberculosis. Is it true? Apart from sunlight what are the other sources of vitamin D? Are there any tablets that can be taken to get vitamin D? Can these tablets be given to those who are taking TB treatment?

A:Though vitamin D has the potential to ward off tuberculosis, further research is required to determine whether vitamin D supplementation prevents reactivation of latent tuberculosis infection or helps in management of TB cases. The natural sources of vitamin D apart from fortified foods like milk and margarine are the following - Fish (Cod liver oil, Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna fish, Sardines), ready to eat cereals, eggs, beef liver and cheese. Vitamin D is also available as capsules for treating deficiency states. The daily requirements of vitamin D are adequately met from normal food and normal sunlight by normal healthy people. There is absolutely no need for vitamin supplements. High intake of vitamin D leads to high calcium levels in the blood which in turn causes congenital defects in the babies. Vitamin D synthesis occurs in the body by normal exposure to sunlight in our day to day life. There is absolutely no need to expose oneself to sunlight specially for this purpose.


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