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Can a person with fluid accumulation in the knee jog?

Q: Last year, I suffered from fluid accumulation in my right knee. The colour of the fluid was yellow and the doctor aspirated 50 ml. Now I am fine and continuing exercises, which the orthopaedic doctor prescribed me. Can I start jogging now? Is there any problem in future?

A:It is unusual to have excess fluid in your joint without any reason. It can be due to an internal injury like meniscal tear, arthritis, deposits or infection. It’s not just the colour of the fluid but the cell count, chemistry, crystal and culture results that would describe the reason for the fluid. If you do have a meniscal tear (usually after an injury), then jogging would not be advisable. I would recommend referral to an orthopaedic surgeon to clear you for impact activities after physical examination, and if needed further radiographic imaging. If you don't have any symptoms and physical examination is within normal limits, you can have a trial of returning to jogging.


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