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Can a person with a history of jaundice donate blood?

Q: I am 34 years old. When I was 26, I suffered from severe jaundice. I was on bed for more than a month. Last year my father-in-law was admitted in a hospital a by-pass surgery. As a result blood was required for him. I was shocked when doctors refused to take my blood because I suffered from jaundice 7 years back. They advised not to donate blood for another 13 years to a heart patient. Is jaundice so deadly? Even now I feel that I do not take as much diet as other people of my age. What should I avoid? I am purely a vegetarian, however I take eggs very rarely. Is orange or orange family fruits and juices harmful for me?

A:Blood banks have varying policies for who would be an acceptable blood donor. In the West, a history of jaundice usually disqualifies a person from donating blood. No, orange juice should not be a problem


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