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Can a person jog after slip disc surgery?

Q:  I am a 27 years old male who underwent a spine surgery for slip disc two years back. The surgery was successful. The doctor asked me not to jump. Can I jog and run now? Can I join a gym? I am all right now, but at times after exertion, I feel a bit of discomfort and pain in my right hip joint.

A:Spine surgery for slip disc can be done at many levels, and in many different ways. Also, the deficit / disability that has set in due to the slip disc matters a lot while deciding the activities permissible or restricted after a spine surgery. By and large, two years after a successful surgery, you should be able to do light exercises, jogging, running etc, given the fact that you are quite young, and do not have other disorders that restrict these activities. The pain in right leg could be related to spinal disease or hip joint, an orthopedic surgeon would better advise you the relevant investigations. The best option would be to ask the doctor who operated you, as he knows in detail about the damage that the slipped disc has caused and the restrictions due to surgical corrections.

A:Ordinarily in the 5 or 6 months after disc surgery we do not recommend jumping. This is because we want to reduce undue stress on the empty disc space from which disc material has been removed. This would include jumping as in running on jogging. With time however, the space finds its own level of stability and you need not be as careful. However, since you have been off vigorous exercises for a long time. Do not re-start suddenly that will bring on undue stress on your back and may cause backache. I wonder if you are doing spinal extension exercises if not you must re-start one at a time and build on to reach about 20 times in three weeks. Gradually increase your walking to longer distances. I do not know why you want to re-start jogging. Were you a jogger before surgery? If not why do you want to start it now? Jogging on hard surface, for that matter even on a treadmill, may be stressful for the back. If you are keen on jogging as an exercise it is wiser to do brisk walking (we call it walgging! = walk + jogging). If you still have pain do get yourself examined possibly because inadequate exercises. If it is a persistent symptom despite your exercises you will need to show doctor. Do not start a Gym exercise without consulting doctors. As some of the gym exercises machines can cause undue stress on your back.


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