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Can a person having high cholesterol eat fish?

Q: Are rohu and katla fish high on cholesterol? Should a patient suffering from high cholesterol eat these fish?

A:All non vegetarian food contains cholesterol. Fish generally has less cholesterol, and is generally safe to eat. You can eat the fish you mention. Be careful of the method of food preparation though. The low cholesterol recipes for preparing fish are to boil, poach or fry - with a thin spray of vegetable oil, such as rice bran oil. Oven baking of fish is acceptable, provided only a thin spray of oil is used. The fish can be seasoned any way you want, provided the seasonings are cholesterol and saturated fat free. Do not deep fry the fish. Certain fish like mackerel (bangda) are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are beneficial to the heart. Also keep in mind the following tips to reduce cholesterol: · Eat less high-fat food (especially those high in saturated fat) · Replace part of the saturated fat in your diet with unsaturated fat · Choose foods high in complex carbohydrates (starch and fibre) · Reduce your weight, if you are overweight


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