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Can a multicystic dysplastic kidney revert to normal?

Q: I am 20 weeks pregnant. Yesterday, I had an ultrasound, which detected that my baby has a multicystic dysplastic left kidney and the other is okay. I also had an amniocentesis done, (results awaited) to make sure there are no chromosomal abnormalities. What are the chances that her left kidney will cure by itself, or the cyst formation is controlled and there is no further damage in the next 20 months of my pregnancy? Is there an alternative, non-surgical, natural therapy, or a non-invasive treatment under research for this? Please help, I am very worried. I have no problems, but my grandfather, father, uncles have a history of bad genes - kidney problems, heart problems, diabetes and high/low blood pressure. I have stones in both my kidneys.

A:A complete multicystic dysplastic kidney cannot revert to normal. The chance that the other kidney may also get involved by a chance process is not easy to predict. It is unlikely that this would happen. It would be wise to repeat the ultrasound scan at 24 weeks of pregnancy to reassess the status of the solitary healthy kidney and confirm the absence of any dysplastic changes in it.


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