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Can a hepatitis B patient have sex?

Q: I am a 29 year old female who is HBsAg (australia antigen) positive. I have got all other tests done. i.e. anti HBsAg - negative, HBe - negative, ultrasound abdomen - normal, LFT - normal. I got myself checked from a gastroenterologist who said I do not need any treatment for the time being. However, he advised me to get an ultrasound abdomen and LFT every six months. Please guide where do I go from here? Will I remain a carrier for life? Is there no cure? My husband too got his test done - he is HBsAg negative so he has been given 2 of the three boosters. What precautions do I need to take so that I do not spread the disease. Can I have intercourse with my husband?

A:1. You do not need any treatment as long as your liver tests are normal. 2. People loose their HBsAg at the rate of about 5% a year so there is a chance you may be cured without any treatment. 3. Intercourse with your husband will be safe once he has completed a full course of vaccination. It would be useful if he can get his anti-HBs titers checked after he has completed his HBV vaccination.


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