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Can a general surgeon perform skin grafting?

Q: My 12.5 years old son got hurt in the right leg below the ankle just above the heel. His leg was pierced. However, no stitches were given to him and advised to remove the dead tissues. But now he has been advised to under-go skin grafting. A general surgeon is going to perform skin grafting on my son's leg. 1) Can a general surgeon perform skin grafting operation? 2) After the operation can any lumps be formed on the skin ? 3) Can you guide me regarding the pre and post operation phases?

A:The answers to your questions are: A. yes, a general surgeon can do a grafting, but I think plastic surgeons do it better B. I don't think any lumps will form C. There is very little special pre and post operative advice that you require. Your surgeon will tell you all. The surgeon may want some antibiotics started before surgery, and may want to restrict activity after the operation. However, take relevant advice from him.


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