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Can a CTEV deformity be corrected at an older age?

Q: I am suffering from CTEV disease since birth. My left leg is both thin & short and weaker than the right leg. So while walking, I limp a little bit which is apparent only by keen observation. Limping is more visible when I wear leather shoes, but with sports shoes I feel more comfortable as it has proper grip. I cannot stand on the left leg alone. Are there some exercises by which I can make my left leg stronger? I got operated 3 times during my childhood and due to this I cannot walk for long and get pain in the ankle joint. But I can drive a bike. Even though I am living happily, sometime I do feel pain in my left leg.

A:The deformity of CTEV that is not fully corrected during childhood cannot be corrected completely after growth is complete. If the deformities are very bad, then you need an operation to improve the appearance of foot although it will not become normal. The weakness and thin legs that you have will remain and there is no treatment for it.


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