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Can a blood donation lead to a severe reaction?

Q: I am 40 years old and I am very healthy. Four years ago, I donated blood to the volunteer organisation. At the end of the donation I became unconsciousness for about 30 seconds and doctor told me that I developed mild fit like symptom. Also I urinated a bit. Immediately the doctor attended me and rushed me to Singapore General Hospital, put me under observation. All sorts of tests like blood test, urine test, ECG, X-ray, MRI scan, Encephalogram were done and observed for 2 days. At the end of it the doctor told I am perfectly alright. Also I did not develop any other problem. Again last month, I donated blood again. This time also I experienced excessive sweating, low blood pressure (before donation doctor checked up me and told I am fit for donating blood irrespective of my earlier symptoms) and unconsciousness for a while. After that doctor informed I am OK and in future do not donate blood at any occasion. But he did not tell me about any problems also told that I am healthy. What is the cause for this type of problem? Grateful if could provide your expert advice and my future course of action.

A:When a person has a severe reaction after donating blood, including convulsions, we normally tell the person not to donate again. It would appear that Singapore has a different policy. The reason why some people have adverse reactions to a blood donation is not clearly understood. People faint even at the sight of blood or when they see another person being stuck by a needle. It has nothing to do with a persons health, and you have been found to be perfectly healthy. Just don't donate blood again.


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