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Burning Sensation - Urethra

Q: I have a chronic problem since last few months, I feel a terrible burning sensation in my urethra after ejaculation or passing urine. It lasts for about an hour after ejaculation. The urine culture test showed negative though as per the doctors I took Norflox and Tiniba for 15 days. There was a slight relief when I was taking the medicines but now its very painful and burning. I was not married but have had unprotected sex with my girlfriend on 3-4 occasions. Please adivise me what can be the cause of the problem and what is the furthur course of action.

A:Since you have been suffering from burning pain in the urethra, I would suggest the following tests:- 1.) Urine ultra-centrifugation & sedimentation test 2.) Repeat urine culture with the morning mid stream urine in a sterile bottle. 3.) Drink a lot of water 5-6 litres/day along with syrup Citrika 1tsp thrice a day for 7 days till the results are available. With regard to unprotected sex, you should know that you are putting yourself at risk of acquiring various kinds of Sexually Transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. Protect yourself and use condoms every time.


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