body checkup

Q: I am a male ; age 36 years ; no medical problem; What are the complete body checkup required ; what is the frequency ; what is the cost of each check up; Where are they available in Delhi?

A:At 36 yrs. you should have an annual 1. Blood examination i.e. Haemogramme & Random Blood Sugar. If there is a family history of Diabetes then have Fasting(FBS) and Post Prandial Blood Sugar(PPS)instead of Random. Serum Cholesterol & Urea 2. Urine & Stool Routine Examination 3.Complete Cardiac Checkup 4.Xray Chest PA view .5. Electrocardiogramme 6.ENT check up 7.Per rectum examination by a Gastro-Intestinal Specialist.Complete Medical check-ups are available at all major hospitals in the city and the charges are between RS.3,500-5000 . They usually take between 3-4 hours to complete .


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