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Blood in stool

Q: About 5yrs ago while studying in the 12th standard I started to pass blood during and after each stool . The doctor who gave me an examination for piles which she felt I did not have she then told me that it could be a polyp which is a common occurrence, she then prescribed some medicines for the polyp saying if this cured the problem then I need not worry further. After taking the medicine the bleeding stopped and I had no cause of worry till last year when it reoccurred for a few weeks and before I could take any medication it stopped by itself again this year it has reoccurred for the last week. The blood that I pass is fresh and not mixed with the stool with large drops falling at the end of it. The questions I would like to ask you are 1) What are the possible causes of my bleeding? 2) Are polyps benign or can the be cancerous ? 3) Do my periods have any link with this blood loss 4) Will I need to go into surgery

A:There are several causes of fresh bleeding with stools such as piles,fissures (small tears of the anal lining), polyps, inflammation of the colonand other more serious problems like growths. Most polyps are benign. Occasionaly left untreated they may undergo a change to malignancy.


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