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Are we following the correct technique for sex?

Q: I have been married for the past 6 months and working away from home. I spend only 10 days in 2 months with my wife. My wife is working and is stressed at the end of the day. My wife communicates less about sex. When we have sex she's wet but I can feel her pubic bone rubbing against my penis during intercourse which hurts a lot. I tried various positions but still I can feel the bone. Is there something I am doing wrong or is my wife not excited fully?

A:In this case, the main problem seems to pertain about correct technique of sexual intercourse. This can be easily corrected by reading some good book on techniques of sexual intercourse. These are available in all good book stores. The other component of your problem pertains to inter-personal communication. Please do understand that good sex takes place only when partners care for each others feelings, sensitivity and needs. Sex does not occur in isolation. It is an extension of relationship between two partners. Please discuss with each other about the issue.


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