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Are spider veins responsible for pain in my legs?

Q: I have spider veins, due to which I have constant pain in my legs. What diet plan should I follow and what precaution should I take?

A:The Spider veins do not cause pain in the legs; in fact simple varicose veins do not cause pain in the legs. It is complication of varicose veins that cause pain. Large varicose veins may cause aches in the legs particularly at the end of the day, when one has been on feet for long. If you are getting pains in the legs you should look for some other cause for the pain. Regarding diet; there is no specific dietary regime for varicose veins but keeping the weight within normal limits is the best suggestion and is helpful. If one is not sure about the cause being varicose veins or not then it may be worthwhile trying a simple solution, which is using graduated compression stockings tailor made for the patient. This should eliminate the symptoms due to varicose veins. Should the pain persist then obviously the veins are not responsible for the symptoms.


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