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Are prepacked fruit juices safe?

Q: I am a student and I am strictly against consuming soft drinks and I have been following this even before the controversy of cola drinks unearthed. Instead of Colas I prefer to drink juices. I don't get much time to go to fruit juice vendors so packed juices are easy alternatives, anytime, anywhere. Can you tell me how safe are these packed juices to be consumed on a regular basis? Are they made from real fruits as the company claims or they are just essences and combination of preservatives? Please throw light on this.

A:I guess it is a good idea to drink packed juices over colas. Fresh fruit juices are no doubt the best option but it is understandable in the busy modern world to use packed juices as a substitute. Colas and other sodas only contain calories in the form of sugar. Most of the packed juices contain some amount of minerals and vitamins also along with calories and therefore definitely are a better option.


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